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What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

Sep 29, 2019

Location: New York
Date: Friday, 17th May
Project: Formerly of CoinDesk
Role: Formerly Editor-in-Chief

For varied reasons, not all interviews are released. I previously recorded a show with Pete Rizzo, while he was Editor-in-Chief at CoinDesk. Following the interview my show editorial went Bitcoin only but due to the...

Sep 27, 2019

Location: Laramie, Wyoming
Date: Friday, 20th September
Project: Wyoming Blockchain Coalition + Premier Ark LLC + State of Wyoming
Role: Co-Founder + Manager + House District 1 Representative

With technology innovation, there is often a divide between those who embrace it and those who push back against it, especially...

Sep 24, 2019

Location: Denver
Date: Wednesday, 18th September
Project: ShapeShift
Role: Founder & CEO

Since its birth over 10 years ago, Bitcoin has resonated with Libertarians. Through its very design, Bitcoin aligns closely with the Libertarian belief that governments should have no interference in people's lives or money. 


Sep 20, 2019

Location: Los Angeles
Date: Sunday, 31st August
Project: Kraken
Role: Director Of Business Development

Bitcoin is hard! 

There is no easy way into Bitcoin. Yes, it can be easy to buy, but understanding the asset, from economics to the tech, requires a dedication to learning.

For Bitcoin to reach hundreds of millions, if...

Sep 17, 2019

Location: Los Angeles
Date: Sunday, 1st September
Project: Guns N’ Bitcoin
Role: Chief Range Officer

America has the highest number of civilian-owned guns in the world, with around 40% of people owning or living in a house with firearms. The right to own a gun is firmly embedded within the US constitution and to many...