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What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

Dec 28, 2022

Dominic Frisby is a British author, comedian, voice actor and musical curator. He also produces one of the top 20 financial substacks. In this interview, we discuss a range of issues highlighting how dire our current economic situation is, and if sound money and libertarianism are the solutions, the responsibilities this imposes on us as free citizens.

- - - -

The global economy is in serious trouble. Our guests know it. Regular listeners know it. Yet many are ignorant of the dangerous predicament we’re in. This is despite significant evidence of the coming crisis being available to anyone wishing to look. Portents of things to come abound: rising deficits, unsustainable debt, high inflation and crumbling public services. And there is no political incentive to resolve the situation.

This does not mean that governments aren’t preparing. For starters, there are tremors in the bedrock of the global reserve currency system. China is discreetly hoarding gold. Russia is seeking to utilize digital currencies. The number of countries adding their name to a new BRICS’ based reserve system is growing. The multi-polar world is being built.

Then there are the less explicit but equally concerning plans in the traditionally democratic west. If, as expected, the global economy significantly weakens, the public response could destabilise society. There is always more than one path out of any situation, but authoritarian policies are more appealing to those seeking to maintain control.

Implementation of schemes designed to control society will require mendacious actions. CBDCs will be sold as benign technology advancements enabling more efficient payment mechanisms between the state and the individual. The risks are clear. Fundamentally, our freedoms will depend on the monetary basis we adopt. These are crucial times. It’s up to us to continue to raise the alarm.