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What Bitcoin Did

Oct 22, 2021

Location: Los Angeles
Date: Sunday 17th October
Role: Teacher & Congressional Candidate

Aarika Rhodes is an elementary school science teacher who is running for CA 30th Congressional District in 2022 for the Democratic Party. She is up against the anti-bitcoin and 12 term veteran Brad Sherman.

Unlike Sherman, Aarika is pro-bitcoin whilst also remaining a proponent for more left-wing policies like universal basic income.

While some believe that Bitcoin's conservative monetary policy leads to it being a more right-wing idea, Aarika is proving that it is an apolitical tool that does not discriminate.

Bitcoin is not going away, and those that embrace it early will be the ones who benefit the most, no matter which side of the political aisle they fall on.

In this interview, I talk to Democratic congressional candidate Aarika Rhodes. We discuss financial literacy and education, universal basic income, and broken incentives in our political system.