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What Bitcoin Did

Oct 27, 2021

Location: Remotely
Date: Monday 25th October
Role: Macroeconomist

Over the last 18 months, Bitcoin has had an astronomical rise, not just in price. It has gone from a niche asset driven by retail to being held on the balance sheet of some of the most forward-thinking corporations in the world. Not only that, El Salvador's groundbreaking legislation made Bitcoin legal tender. 

During this time, the fiat currency experiment looks to be coming apart at the seams. Over the last 18 months, more than $5 trillion dollars have been created in the US alone. This increasing supply of money is driving prices higher. CPI in the US is now at 5.4%, and while the FED continues to claim inflation will be transitory, this looks highly doubtful.

How high will inflation go, and is bitcoin truly a hedge?

In this interview, I talk to macroeconomist and investment strategist Lyn Alden. We discuss the rising commodities markets, if we are likely to see wide-scale hyperinflation and the pros & cons of Bitcoin futures ETFs.