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What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

Jul 28, 2021

Location: Remotely
Date: Tuesday 27th July
Role: Macroeconomist

Nassim Taleb is a well-regarded author and statistician and one-time bitcoin bull who has since turned critic, claiming that it "can be neither a long or short term store of value" and that "its expected value is no higher than 0."

Taleb recently wrote a black paper criticising bitcoin's ability to function as a store of value, questioning its ability to protect against oppressive governments and claiming bitcoins distribution is unfair. 

Several key points in the paper were without merit, and it led to bitcoiners questioning whether the article is Taleb being intellectually dishonest or ignorant.

In this interview, I talk to Lyn Alden, a macroeconomist and investment strategist. We break down Nassim Taleb's "Bitcoin Black Paper" and discuss his misconceptions and whether it offers any valid criticisms.