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What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

Nov 25, 2021

Location: Remote
Date: Wednesday 25th November
Project: Plebnet

The benefits of the Lightning Network are clear for all to see. By taking transactions off-chain, you can settle almost instantly for a tiny fee while retaining better privacy than with an on-chain transaction.

The Lightning Network is paramount to Bitcoin's scaling, and it is growing at a rapid pace, but while the Lightning Network is thriving, for new users it can still be a daunting experience. When running a Lightning node, you need to consider things like opening and closing channels, channel size, rebalancing and liquidity.

Luckily, Plebnet is here to help. Starting out as a small group of people looking to educate and onboard Bitcoiners to Lightning, they have grown into a community of over 5,000 members and over 1,100 nodes.

In this interview, I talk to American HODL, P, and D++. We discuss the importance of the Lightning Network, the challenges of onboarding people and the growth of Plebnet.