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What Bitcoin Did

Aug 27, 2021

Location: Remotely
Date: Thursday 26th August
Company: Hypersheet
Role: Co-Founder

Bitcoin’s price had been trending lower for most of the summer, but after bottoming out just below $30k, it went on a run-up to $50k.

Despite the market moves, there have been plenty of other signals that indicate bitcoin might break its four-year cycle.

On-chain metrics indicate that this recent upward trend might be a warm-up for what’s to come. Long-term holders are accumulating, rumours of a Bitcoin ETF coming to the US are swirling, and it could all converge on a massive supply shock.

In this interview, I talk to on-chain analyst and the co-founder of Hypersheet, Willy Woo. We discuss traditional payment rails, making Bitcoin content, the recent price run and the evolving bitcoin cycle.