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What Bitcoin Did

May 26, 2021

Location: Remotely
Date: Monday 24th May
Project: The Human Rights Foundation & Castle Island Ventures
Role: Chief Strategy Officer & Partner

Bitcoin is in the midst of an immense cycle of FUD. In the last few weeks alone, Elon Musk has questioned the energy consumption, China has again imposed regulations on bitcoin miners, and even the Pope raised fears concerning fossil fuels.

As Bitcoiners, we are used to the constant stream of attacks, but often the disparagement is down to a lack of understanding of Bitcoin, with people viewing it as just a visa-like payment processor. As Alex Gladstein says, Bitcoin “is not a fintech company competing with Visa. It is a decentralized asset competing to be the new global reserve currency, aiming to inherit the role gold once had and the role the dollar holds today.”

If bitcoin does become the new global reserve currency, superseding the dollar, will that usher in a more peaceful world? And what impact will it have on equality and foreign policy? 

In this interview, I talk to Alex Gladstein, the Chief Strategy Officer at The Human Rights Foundation and Nic Carter, a Partner at Castle Island Ventures. We discuss the petrodollar system, moving to a bitcoin standard and the benefits that it would have on society.