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What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

Apr 29, 2022

Dan Held is the Growth Lead at Kraken. In this interview, we discuss the splintering and factionalization of the Bitcoin community, trying to be honest in a toxic environment, update on the Bitcoin supercycle, and Bitcoin application (selling, hodling, lending, and collateralizing).

- - - -

Bitcoin is under almost constant attack, but despite significant pressures, efforts to ensure the technology remains truly decentralised and open have been successful, in a large part, thanks to the toxicity within the bitcoin community. But those who have worked at close quarters to the Bitcoin ecosystem have witnessed a rapid evolution and segmentation of beliefs, business proposals, and market for what is still a nascent innovation.

The original libertarian community that nurtured Bitcoin has been diluted by new groups. Conservatives and progressives have aligned themselves to Bitcoin with their own dogmas. In the wake of the maximalist victory in the Blocksize Wars new divisions have arisen based on divergent ideologies. Can we find a unifying narrative to coalesce these factions?

Equally, the industry that has developed around the unique monetary and payment characteristics of the technology has resulted in an explosion of new products and features. No longer is Bitcoin merely a static store of value: hodlers can now lend, short, and collateralize their asset. Should we fully embrace the investment opportunities this asset can provide?

Finally, the cyclical nature of the asset price has continued to evolve. Macro forces, game theory, and geo-political events are potentially aligning to create a supercycle: a new phase of adoption that could propel Bitcoin into becoming a global reserve currency to rival gold. Will those who have prevised such a future be proven right?

Are we finally about to enter a phase when Bitcoin matures and becomes money for all?