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What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

Jan 29, 2022

Location: Remote
Date: Thursday 27th January
Company: Hypersheet
Role: Co-Founder

Given the unprecedented combination of events that impacted Bitcoin in 2021, it is perhaps not surprising that the market currently feels like it’s in uncharted territory. Patterns of trading behaviour have changed, new investors and...

Jan 27, 2022

Location: Remote
Date: Wednesday 26th January
Role: Macroeconomist

January 2022 has been tough for Bitcoiners, a lacklustre end to 2021 has been followed by a drawdown. However, the stagnation of Bitcoin’s price has mirrored wider macroeconomic issues as both bond and equity markets react to...

Jan 25, 2022

Location: Remote
Date: Monday 24th January
Role: Angel Investor & Entrepreneur, Journalist and Author

US exceptionalism and continuance of its role as the world's leading power is under threat. Whilst it is arguable whether America has truly lived up to being that ‘Shining...

Jan 21, 2022

Location: London
Date: Thursday 13th January
Project: LNbits, NOSTR
Role: Bitcoin and free open source software advocate

What are the politics of Bitcoin? Satoshi in a post in 2008 said “It's very attractive to the libertarian viewpoint if we can explain it properly.” And, it certainly has garnered a...

Jan 19, 2022

Location: London
Date: Thursday 13th January
Company: Real Bedford
Role: Chairman

For years I have wanted to buy a football club in Bedford and get them in the football league. Now it’s a reality as I have agreed to acquire Bedford FC and set up the first Bitcoin standard football club: Real Bedford. And, it’s...