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What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

Jul 30, 2019

Location: San Diego
Date: Tuesday, 16th July
Company: Silvergate Bank

Since Satoshi’s left the message, "Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks" in the genesis block, Bitcoin has been the antithesis of banks. “Be your own bank”, perhaps an overused phrase from Bitcoin proponents certainly comes...

Jul 26, 2019

During the previous bull run, the hype led to an influx of companies using Bitcoin or 'blockchain' to inflate value and attract investment. Many of these were questionable projects, and some were outright scams. Even legitimate companies struggled with the difficulty of creating value with Bitcoin, as companies failed...

Jul 23, 2019

Exchange hacks have been a constant thorn in the side of the industry. Where a physical bank robbery of $millions will make headline news, a +$100m exchange hack will barely break out of the crypto news media. Exchange hacks are now so commonplace that a recent report from Ledger’s CEO Eric Larcheveque found that the...

Jul 21, 2019

There are a few places retail investors can currently trade a Bitcoin futures contract, but these tend to clouded in regulatory uncertainty and most are unavailable to US retail traders. That’s about to change though as LedgerX have recently announced both the first regulated physically settled Bitcoin futures...

Jul 19, 2019

When landing in the world of Bitcoin there are many concepts down the rabbit hole to get lost in, from technology to economics there is a wealth of information available. Within the world of economics, many will discover the theory of Austrian economics for the first time. 

Those who believe in Austrian Economics...