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What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

Jan 30, 2024

Sam Abbassi is the founder and CEO of Hoseki  and Xander Carpousis is Chief Revenue Officer at Hoseki. In this interview, we discuss the launch of the Bitcoin ETFs and the importance of transparency, proof of reserves and gold vs Bitcoin.

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Jan 28, 2024

Marty Bent is a Venture Partner at Ten31 and founder of the Bitcoin-focused media company, Harry Sudock is Chief Strategy Officer at Griid and Parker Lewis is a Bitcoin writer and educator and Head of Business Development at Zaprite. In this interview, we discussed bitcoin mining, regulations, ETFs and Bitcoin...

Jan 26, 2024

Dylan LeClair is a Bitcoin and macro analyst working for Bitcoin Magazine. In this interview, we discuss the pros and cons of spot ETFs, Bitcoin accelerationism and the culture war around ordinals and inscriptions.


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Jan 24, 2024

Pete Rizzo is the editor of Bitcoin Magazine, and one of Bitcoin’s leading journalists. In this interview, we discuss the role of Ordinals, Inscriptions and BRC20 tokens, whether they are a positive or negative for Bitcoin and the growing divide in Bitcoin culture.


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Jan 19, 2024

Dave Smith is a comedian and host of ‘Part Of The Problem Podcast’. In this interview, we discuss libertarianism, government responses to COVID and the political climate in the UK and US. We also reflect on economic challenges facing individuals, particularly the younger generation's struggle with...