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What Bitcoin Did

Jul 30, 2019

Location: San Diego
Date: Tuesday, 16th July
Company: Silvergate Bank

Since Satoshi’s left the message, "Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks" in the genesis block, Bitcoin has been the antithesis of banks. “Be your own bank”, perhaps an overused phrase from Bitcoin proponents certainly comes under question for companies building Bitcoin-based businesses. Businesses need Fiat for operating costs: rent, wages etc. and for now, at least that is a gap that Bitcoin can't fill. 

Most banks have also looked at Bitcoin unfavourably, and crypto companies have struggled to find reliable banking partners. Many companies and exchanges have unexpectedly lost banking services or turned to creative solutions.

Silvergate Bank, however, looks at Bitcoin and cryptocurrency differently. Since 2014 they have been building their reputation as the leading bank for cryptocurrency companies and now have over $1 billion in deposits. In this interview, I talk to Alan Lane, Silvergate's Chief Executive Officer and find out how they have been paving the way for cryptocurrency companies and are how they are offering banking services previously unheard of in the traditional industry.