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What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

Dec 27, 2021

Location: Remote
Date: Thursday 23rd December
Companies: Hypersheet
Role: Co-Founder

2021 has been a year like no other in Bitcoin. The market has matured dramatically with increased institutional interest following the Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy playbook, El Salvador driving nation-state adoption and more sophisticated market instruments with the launch of two US-based Bitcoin futures ETFs.

The maturing of the market seems to have broken the typical 4-year cycle around the halving. No longer are we seeing huge parabolic run ups and massive +80% sell-offs. Instead, we have had much more complex price action throughout the year. After hitting mid-$60,000s in May, we had a 50% correction followed by months of consolidation before another run-up and a new all-time high in November. 

Now, at the end of 2021, the bitcoin price is ~$50,000, and while it is still the same price as it was in February, so much has changed. So if the traditional market cycles are broken and we are entering a new, more mature period for Bitcoin, what will 2022 bring?

In this interview, I talk to Willy Woo, an on-chain analyst and Co-Founder of Hypersheet. We discuss how the price action in 2021, what to expect in 2022 & beyond and how the market has matured.