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What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

May 24, 2021

Location: El Salvador
Date: Monday 10th May
Project: Independent
Role: Bitcoin Writer

Growing food, gunpowder and the printing press, while these don't appear to have much in common, they have been the catalyst for some of the most fundamental shifts ever seen in human history.

  • The agricultural revolution led man from small groups of hunter-gatherers to relatively large settled communities; this provided the basis for centralised political structures.

  • The gunpowder revolution changed warfare. It removed the ultimate power of a knight on horseback and rebalanced power back towards the people.

  • With the advent of the printing press, the spread of ideas became possible on a previously unimaginable scale; this, in turn, turbocharged the Renaissance and removed power from the church.

Each one has been responsible for revolutionising how society operates and transformed people's lives.

With Bitcoin, are we now amidst the next significant revolution that will change the course of history?

In this interview, I talk to Bitcoin writer Robert Breedlove. We discuss the mega-political variables that shape society, the role of technology, and the logic of violence.