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What Bitcoin Did

Oct 8, 2021

Location: Nashville, TN
Date: Thursday 30th September
Company/project: The Investors Podcast & Great American Mining & TFTC
Role: Host & Director of Business Development & Host

2021 has been a year of significant disruption. Trillions in deficit spending are ongoing. Many countries are experiencing the highest consumer inflation seen in decades, while assets and commodities prices have soared at a phenomenal rate.

Meanwhile, China kicked half of Bitcoin’s hashrate offline by instituting a country-wide ban on mining. However, the Bitcoin network has demonstrated its antifragility as thousands of ASIC machines migrate to other countries and come back online.

While many Bitcoin naysayers have lambasted the energy use of Bitcoin’s mining industry as being environmentally unfriendly, mining is driving more efficient use of low-cost, renewable, and otherwise wasted energy sources.

In a world that is full of distortions, is Bitcoin the answer to society’s problems?

In this live interview, I talk to Preston Pysh, the host of The Investor Podcast, and Marty Bent from Tales From the Crypt and Great American Mining. We discuss rising inflation, why bitcoin mining is good for global energy use, and why bitcoin is this answer to many problems.