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What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

Mar 29, 2023

Izabella Kaminska is a journalist and founder and editor of The Blind Spot. In this interview, we discuss the failure of current mainstream journalism to cover subjects properly, why the destruction of the middle class is dangerous for democracy, the endemic problem of corruption in politics, and the need for an honest economic orthodoxy.

- - - -

In a lot of ways, we are in a gold age of media. There have never been so many different ways to consume news and opinion. This has been triggered by many factors: deregulation, technology and the atomisation of modern society. But, this also creates a significant number of problems. Principally, whilst there is more freely accessible information, it is now harder to discern fact from fake.

The commercialisation of news has resulted in a race for clickbait: polarising reporting, increasing sensationalism, and relegating in-depth examination. Conversely, those organisations seeking to remain impartial such as the BBC, end up getting lost in a sea of conflicting missions. This has resulted in the BBC failing in its main mission to inform, educate and entertain.

This is why new media brands are becoming important promulgators of information, increasingly at the expense of traditional media organisations. Amongst all the noise, people are looking for honest and relatable brokers of news. Further, people are craving more intellectually curious, nuanced and detailed analysis. This is the demand Izabella Kaminska’s The Blind Spot media venture is seeking to fill. A demand that mainstream media is unwilling or unable to satisfy.

It’s hard: building a new brand takes time. But, without such content, groups on both the left and right will continue to mischaracterize issues that require understanding, trade-offs and proportionality. This will exacerbate the problems of polarisation and the veiled promotion of corporate interests. We need more journalists like Isabella willing to report the truth.